Party for the Park is December 8 at WeeGee's Lounge!

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Join us at our fall Party for the Park at WeeGee's! Meet us, meet your neighbors, celebrate the holiday season (no shopping involved!), and support a great cause - programs at your friendly, neighborhood park! Oh, win prizes too! And great food from local restaurants and park council members (the only thing we left out is the kitchen sink).

When: Thursday, December 8, 2011, 6-10 PM
Where: WeeGee's Lounge, 3659 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647
What: Party for the Park!!!
  • Party!
  • Free drink
  • Appetizers and snacks
  • Raffle

Let's take care of the details
  • Get tickets with a donation of $20 each (use one of the payment options below).
  • Donations to UPAC are deductible; please contact us for details.
  • We will hold tickets you get online for you at the Party for the Park 2011!!!  reception desk. If you want them delivered in advance, please email with your address (please, Logan Square addresses only) after checkout.

Donation Options

  • Paypal   Please select the numbers of tickets you want in the items box.

  • Google Checkout   Click here to get tickets. First add 1 ticket, then you can change it to the number you want.

  • Get tickets with Dwolla
    For each ticket, please send $20.